Diabetes & Arthritis

Diabetes and Arthritis are long-term conditions which can severly affect the feet and lower limb. It is important to see a Podiatrist for either of these to get your feet checked and have expert education given to you. Serious problems can arise if certain issues are ignored.

Diabetes Assessment

  • Vascular assessment
  • Neuropathy assessment
  • General Podiatry Care
  • Footwear Assessment
  • Ulcers
  • Keeping you active and comfortable
  • Provide quality diabetes education to increase awareness

Foot care is an important part of diabetes management. Regular neurological and vascular assessment is very important. We do a specific diabetic foot assessment, and advise you on how often you need to be assessed and treated by a podiatrist. Education about diabetes and how to look after your feet are an absolute must if you have this condition.

Your Podiatrist at Step Forward will provide you their expertise in this field and you will fully understand your feet and the possible complications associated with Diabetes. We will work alongside your doctor, or any other health professional who is helping you with your diabetes health, to co-ordinate a treatment plan. 

Tips for taking care of your feet for diabetic patients: 

  • Dry your feet thoroughly after a shower, especially between the toes 
  • Moisturise feet 2-3 times per week
  • Check feet regularly for abrasions, or wounds
  • Have toenails cut every 6-8 weeks
  • Any corns, callous make sure they are seen to by a Podiatrist
  • Be aware of your diabetes status, and what affects your diabetes has on you and your feet 
  • See a podiatrist immediately if something is not healing or doesn’t look right
  • Have an annual diabetes foot assessment with a podiatrist to determine if feet are at risk


There are numerous types of arthritis, which all affect joint movement and motion. This can be debilitating and with so many joints in your feet and legs we are here to make you as comfortable as possible. Arthritis is non-curable but its important for pain to be managed the best way possible so the patient is able to stay active, and have a good quality of life. 


Osteoarthritis is very common and it often described as the ‘wear and tear’ condition.

As we get older, joints have been overused and put under pressure, the smooth gliding surface covering the bones called cartilage reduces and can cause inflammation and pain in the joints. 80% of people have osteoarthritis somewhere in there body by the time they are 80. The damage is caused by lifestyle, genetics and in terms of your feet, often the feet you have worn over your lifetime. It is unfortunately irreversible however we can help you to help joint mobility and function and reduce increased pressure area, and loading to make you more comfortable and able to have a good quality of life. 

Rheumatoid Arthritis or Inflammatory Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory disease where the immune system attacks and destroys cartilage. Feet especially may be severly affected and its important to see a Podiatrist to manage the issues that arise. Research has shown that intervention such as Podiatry care can minimise the progression of the disease and improve patients quality of life. We are here to improve your quality of life, by making you more comfortable and manage the condition, through different treatment modalities. 

Psoriatic Arthritis 

Psoriatic arthritis, can affect the toenails. This can be often misdiagnosed as a fungal infection. Its important to see a podiatrist to properly get this diagnosed and treated as needed. Ingrown toenails are also common with this type of arthritis due to the affect on the nails. 

Treatments for arthritis may consist of:

  • General nail and skin treatment
  • Addressing biomechanical issues that often arise, with load management/increase pressures, deformed joints and painful area. 
  • Checking footwear: cushioning good quality shoes are very important
  • Ingrown toenail management
  • Education of the disease and how it affects the feet 
  • Managing this condition and reducing pain levels, will have a huge impact on the patients quality of life. 

Having arthritis is not an uncommon condition, and we see people with it everyday. Its important to stay active and manage the condition so that it doesn’t affect your quality of life. At Step Forward Podiatry we are here to help you achieve those goals and keep you active with reduced pain levels. 

We use the latest technology to provide personalised assessments and comprehensive treatment for all our patients. No referral required, call us today or book online: