Fungal Nails & Skin

Fungal nails are often characterised by thickening, discolouration and separation of the nail from the nail bed.  Unfortunately, this condition is very common, due to the many different environments our feet are exposed to.

Seek Treatment Early

If you are unsure if you have this condition, it’s important to consult your Podiatrist for correct diagnosis and treatment which you may require.

Fungal spores can spread easily so it’s important to address this condition early. 

We use Diafactory, a special test which can detect if a fungal infection is present. Quick results which are 99% accurate carried out on site at Step Forward Podiatry. 

Treatment of Fungal Nails

We can assist with the trimming of your nails and the best treatment for your specific fungal nail. Fungal nails are hard to get rid of and will sometimes need further investigation which your Podiatrist will provide you with.

Often treatment consists of antifungal topical treatment, however there are so many on the market these days its important to consult your Podiatrist to find out what one is going to work for you.

Diagnosing fungal nails- with diafactory

We use diafactory kit which is a in clinic sample test that diagnoses in five minutes a dermatophytic fungal nail infection. There is no need to go off to the lab and have a specific test done, we can now do them in clinic and they have a 97% specificity. So they are very reliable and effective.

We use the latest technology to provide personalised assessments and comprehensive treatment for all our patients. No referral required, call us today or book online: