Orthotics & Footwear

Podiatrists are specialists in orthotics and footwear. At Step Forward Podiatry we are up-to-date with the latest research and technology to provide our patients with the quality care.

An orthotic is a device which fits into your shoe to correct your foot position and distribute pressures along your foot. By correcting your feet, this can affect the whole alignment of your body and certain pressures throughout the foot and in major joints such as the knee and hip joint.

Your podiatrist may prescribe orthotics for your particular foot or lower limb condition after a comprehensive assessment, taking into account your biomechanics, footwear and lifestyle factors. A thourough biomechanical assessment will be performed. 

Pre-fabricated orthotics:

Pre-fabricated orthotics are off the shelf devices, used to control foot motoin and increased forces. We use prefabricated orthotics which are designed by a Podiatrist within New Zealand called ‘Footbionics’ or ‘Formthotics.’ Your Podiatrist will modify (add additions) the othotic to suit your foot type, dependent on the biomechanical assessment performed so they are specific to you. 

Custom Orthotics:

Customised orthotics are especially designed for you from your foot impression and the podiatrists experienced knowledge. 

We are experts in custom orthotics and use the latest technology to scan your foot. 

An Ipad device is used to scan your foot, to capture accurate dimensions of your foot to ensure the orthotic is specfically designed for your foot type. This scan is what the customised orthotic is made from, along with the podiatrists pescription determined by the biomechanical assessment. 

Our custom orthotics are produced within NZ, and are of the highest quality to provide you with the best product available on the market.

Footwear Assessment:

It is important to have appropriate and comfortable shoes on whatever the occasion.

We can assess your current shoes, and look at the notable wear patterns. With our knowledge we can tell you specific shoes that suit your foot type, and features to look for in a shoe.

We do understand that not all supportive shoes look fashionable, so we try our best to adapt to your lifestyle so your shoe wardrobe does not have to drastically change. 

Scanning System:

For customised orthotics, we use the most up-to-date technology to prescribe you with an orthotic which is specifically designed for your foot.

At our Takapuna and Birkenhead clinic we take a scan of your foot using the most up-to-date technology, this enables us to get the exact measurements of your foot impression, and then design and prescribe the most functional orthotic for each patient.

ACC Funding:

If you have sustained an injury and are covered by ACC, some orthotics, moonboots and braces are funded. You can fill out an ACC form in our clinics and we can lodge this with ACC for approval. Ask your Podiatrist for further details.

We use the latest technology to provide personalised assessments and comprehensive treatment for all our patients. No referral required, call us today or book online: